Paris Hilton Sex Tape

Paris Hilton started out her career in modeling when she was just a child and at 19 she singed with the Donald Trump's modeling agency. She also liked to party a lot when she was younger and thanks to that personality and her modeling, she ended up acting in a horror movie “Nine Lives”. Even if she appeared in two movies before, none of them featured her as an important character like in this one. However despite the movie using her as the main advertisement, this didn't make her popular.

In the year 2003, Paris Hilton finally had a breakthrough by co-starring in the reality series "The Simple Life" along with her best friend Nicole Richie. The show would definitely not be such a huge hit if it didn't get so much attention because of her sex tape that she released slightly before the first episode was aired.

You would expect some poor quality sex tape from a celebrity back in those days however it was a pretty damn good tape, in fact the movie was so good that it is assumed that it sold over one million copies. It was released online and it's name was "One Night in Paris" starring Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon who was her boyfriend back then. It was shot in an expensive hotel room and you can see Paris getting naked for the bath before she demonstrates her blowjob skills and smiles as she takes a good pounding in doggy.







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