Britney Spears Sex Tape

Britney Spears is one of those babes that everyone has heard about, if not her name then at least one of her many hits that she made over a bit more than last two decades. She started her career in the late 90's by releasing a hit after hit along with albums that made her famous and made her millions of fans all over the world.

She was selling out concerts and she continues doing so today even if she is not that active in the music industry. In the past few years there were no major albums except a few popular singles that are expected from Britney since those are her specialty. The main reason she got so much attention was due the sexual videos that probably made thousands of guys experience an orgasm during puberty.

Even if she is mostly famous for the freak out where she shaved her head and the multiple incidents where she was caught by the paparazzi without any panties, she had something that attracted even more publicity before that. She has an amazing video where she performs fellatio to a guy with a nice fat cock while he is recording her from the POV perspective.



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