Abi Titmuss Sex Tape

Abi Titmuss or professionally known as Abigail Evelyn is an English babe who is talented in multiple areas. She used those talents to pursue careers in the world of acting, modeling, television and even poker. She wanted to become a doctor but because she had no A level in Chemistry she had to stay a nurse and so she became one as London's University College Hospital. This lead her to a television career where she started as a reporter for Channel 4 in late 2003. For her at the time, this was a "dream come true" job", however she lost this job on the following year due to the sex tape that was downloaded from her private computer and shared on the internet.

You can see Abi being naughty in an amazing threesome with her boyfriend and a desirable ebony babe. At first you can see her in some passionate lesbian action that involves kissing, amazing pussy licking display and some playtime with a dildo. All that was recorded by her boyfriend who will also take part in the leaked tape when Abi shows how a cock is supposed to be sucked while her ebony lover is giving her some oral, this was such a perfectly organized threeway.






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